People of SHIFT: Jeshua Josh Azura


“In life we are presented special moments. They can be as infinite as we like or as finite as we need, but everything comes back to this moment right here, right now. Flow arts for me has become a spiritual journey of learning to embrace the moment and flow through time.

The statistical probability of you and another soul coming together and sharing a moment in time is astronomical. If you understood the variables that went into each of your lives leading to this singular point you would know just how extremely precious it truly is. This moment right here, right now, this is what life is about. This is YOUR experience. Make it what YOU want it to be. Share it with as many people as you need. Live in this moment, Love in this moment.

So the statistical probability of ALL of us coming together at SHIFT music festival is something that stars are made out of. And we come from the stars, born of dust, nurtured and engineered into humans being, thriving, manifesting our nature, a mirror of our creator, the universe in all its raw chaotic nature, forming order. Building through passion. Achieving monuments so grand that we stand in awe.

When we meet, when I share my fire with you, in all its azure nature, I am placing my soul on display for YOU. Baptized in flames. Born of fire. Come join me at the fire circle and allow me to baptize you with fire. Embrace the SHIFT within your being and Cavort around the Volcano embracing this sacred moment in time, one to another!”

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