Portland-based Lil Grenadine has an all-in commitment to the dance floor, whether she’s curating the sound or busy getting low. Lil G’s hybrid approach explores the uncompromisingly danceable side of bass/jungle/dancehall/hip hop/leftfield techno and everything in between, consistently bringing diverse flavors to the West Cost scene. Make no mistake- while her sets are guaranteed to get you on your feet, Lil G’s selections always hit on the heavy end of the spectrum (she is a Sublimate resident, after all).

Comfortable setting the tone for everything from a high energy 100bpm dancefloor driven session to sparkly sunshiney daytime parties to dark and dubby basement evenings, Lil G is as multi-genre as they come. When not stacking her crates, playing out, or pursuing other creative hustles, she offers free DJ lessons and workshops to female and non-binary humans in the Portland area. Get to know her!