StormyRoxx (PDX- NoFOMO)

StormyRoxx has been DJing and producing mostly queer based events for over 20 years.
Always skeptical of pop music, he is drawn to unusual and exotic sounds from around the world.
His DJ style reflects his wide range of musical interests in which he blurs the lines between genre and moods. The result is a dramatic and inspired journey… A soundscape solid with hypnotic beats via techno, disco, minimal, rock, indie, and post-punk, layered with multi cultural nuances, and wild psychedelia curated to stimulate the cosmic limits of the mind as well as thrust in the deepest loins.

StormyRoxx is a resident/producer/promoter for the monthly event NoFOMO in PDX. He DJs many other events locally, in other cities, and at Burning Man as well. He also curates DJs for large and small events including the annual Red Dress Party in Portland, OR and the “Taste the Rainbow” Queer dance party for Tectonic camp ay Burning Man.