JULY 25, 10AM – JULY 29, 2PM


SHIFT Festival is an annual gathering produced by Tectonic. It is a 4-day camping event in the ethos of TTITD. Not sure what that means? Click here to read about the 10 principles. We aim to create a culture of fun and appreciation for art, music, and self-expression.

SHIFT has the Tectonic main stage where DJ’s play, a second stage with live music and variety show performances, a dedicated fire spinning space, and a beach stage next to a small body of water.
As if that wasn’t enough, SHIFT Festival is also home to dozens of art installations, theme camps, workshops and other creative efforts both tall and small. In addition to the main stages there are undoubtedly many other smaller parties happening. Will you work up a sweat dancing at the main stage? Will you relax in a tea lounge and get revitalized for your next adventure? Live your Hot Girl Summer dreams at the Beach Stage? Will you cuddle in a dome full of stuffed animals? Watch a circus performance or a live music act? Show off your skills in the fire circle? The possibilities are endless!

SHIFT Festival is currently actively planning and recruiting for it’s 2024 event.
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