How to Survive and Thrive in a Harsh Environment

The rumors are true: SHIFT takes place in a HOT, dry, windy, and dusty environment. Not unlike the Burn itself! But we have a POND….

Staying in the pond all day may not be your cup of tea, but there are many other ways to help yourself be radically self-reliant, and to live your best life in the high desert.

Here are some hacks to help you thrive in this harsh environment.


for your body

  • Drink electrolytes (not just plain water)
  • Wear a bandana: always helpful to pull over your nose/mouth during windy times when dust gets picked up, but also to get it wet during the day to keep your neck (and whole body) cool
  • Bring a parasol/umbrella to carry around with you during the day to keep the sun off
  • Wear a silk robe, or something else that’s made of cool/flowy fabric to keep the sun off you
  • Wear a sun hat (that won’t blow away) and sunglasses
    • large brim to keep the sun off of your head, neck & face
  • Re-apply sunscreen every 3-4 hours during the day 
  • UPF hoodies are great for setup/teardown and daytime activities. They dry quick and keep sunscreen out of the pond and have a high UPF value.
  • Cover up or wear bug spray right as the sun goes down (biting critters LOVE bare skin!)


don’t forget about your stuff

  • Stake down your shade structures/tents! And not just using those tiny stakes they came with. The wind can gust hard.
    • Consider purchasing LAG BOLTS, and learning how to use them (or bend some rebar stakes).
    • Use ratchet straps or guy wires attached to corners/sides for additional support from the wind.
  • Bring your own shade!
    • 10x10s are $50 from Dicks/Sportsman’s warehouse, also check FB marketplace and Nextdoor. If that is not an option, talk with your campmates about using someone’s car for shade or splitting the cost of a 10×10. (Stake it down!!)
    • Hang tapestries, shade tarps or aluminet from 10x10s for more shade (especially from that afternoon sun).
  • Consider your tent door placement to the sun.
    • Opening a tent door to the north side of the property will keep temps down.