Things to Know


JULY 25, 10AM – JULY 29, 2PM


Tectonic SHIFT Festival is a 4-day campout gathering in the ethos of TTITD. Don’t know what that means? CLICK HERE to learn about the 10 Principles!
We aim to create a culture of fun and appreciation for art, music, and self-expression.




  • Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate
  • Be yourself!  Express! Share Art!
  • Help your neighbors. Ask if they need help. Ask for help.
  • Be kind to each other.


  • No vendors, no selling, no food sales (except ice).
  • No financial sponsorships.


  • Ask before touching. Consent is mandatory.
  • Consent is freely given, mutual, revocable, enthusiastic, mandatory, and sexy!
  • All SHIFT Participants are expected to abide by our Code of Conduct, designed to keep all participants as safe and content as possible. 
  • Practice consent by being a conscious bystander.
  • If you see someone who looks uncomfortable or in a potentially hazardous situation, check in on them! If a situation seems like too much to handle alone, get a friend or notify staff or a Grass Guardian.
  • Sobriety is required for full consent.
  • Take time to learn about consent culture. Read about The 11th Principle and check out the good work of Guardians of the Vibe.
  • Discrimination isn’t cute! Stand up against sexism, racism, transphobia, and homophobia! We love you all <3
  • Public Displays of Affection: In the spirit of consent, please remember that SHIFT is an all-ages event, and we want people to feel comfortable and safe to express themselves and enjoy their surroundings. If you plan to express your affections past a PG-13 level, please take it somewhere where you have explicit consent to do so (i.e. a private space). The beach, a theme camp’s bar, and the dance floor are not appropriate locations for engaging in acts of lovemaking. Please use discretion and take the consensual, Rated-R fun back to your camp.



  • Please purchase your ticket on Humanitix before arriving at SHIFT. 
  • SHIFT is an all-ages event and everyone must have a ticket and wear a wristband inside the event.
  • Kids 12 and under are free, with adult supervision at all times. You must purchase a free 12 and under ticket online.
  • Kids 13 and over require a paid ticket.
  • Kids 0-16 welcome with adult supervision at all times.
    • Yes, kids must be supervised, especially at the beach!
    • Want tips on how to have a great time bringing your kid to SHIFT? Read this Parents Guide written by festie parents in our community!



Water: You must bring enough for you to drink and clean with.

That’s at least two gallons of water per person per day; more if you plan to bathe yourself (but don’t dispose of your gray water on site!)

Bring more water than you think you’ll need.  The dry, hot breeze will wick away moisture, and you will need to drink more water than normal to stay hydrated. Bring and use electrolytes. Stay hydrated, hippies!



  • SHIFT is held in a desert in July! Staying fire-free is our #1 priority. Read this section 5 times! (we are serious)
  • DO NOT EVER throw cigarettes (or anything!) out of your window on your way to the event. Be ready to ash your cigarettes inside your vehicle!
  • DO not pull over into tall grass on your way to the event site or at it. When you do pull over, watch your car to make sure no fires are starting.
  • No open flames, no wood burning, no candles, no incense. No exceptions.
  • Drive only on mowed areas; do not drive off designated lanes.
  • Do not idle your vehicle at all! If you pull over on the drive out or on the event site, immediately turn your vehicle off.
  • Do not drive in the tall grass, even inside the festival site.
  • All smoking must be in designated smoking areas only. This will be enforced. If you are a smoker, consider vaping for the weekend of the festival. People found smoking outside of designated areas will have their wristbands cut and be asked to leave the event. Smoking areas will be shown on the event map and marked with signs on site.
  • Camp stoves are OK if elevated at least 3 ft from the ground or inside RVs, campers, and trailers!
  • Fire pits are allowed in the camping area only if they are standard, unmodified, propane-based fire pits. They must be placed on a piece of plywood. This will be enforced. 
  • Have a modified fire pit? Want to bring your propane-based art to SHIFT? Fill out this application – goes live on 4/1!
  • For info on fire spinning, please see below.



  • There is a beach! The beach at SHIFT is one of your favorite things about the event. But remember…
    • Be wary of those around you. Double check before jumping in the water. Keep an eye out for your fellow participants.
    • Do not swim at night. Swimming in the dark or while intoxicated is dangerous. Be careful and be smart. 
  • Bring bug repellent! The biters come out at sunset.
    • Look out for ticks, ants, snakes, and leeches. Don’t stand in the mud at the beach.
  • The venue is in a high desert (wide open rolling hills with mountain views, constant winds, and little to no natural shade)
  • Bring shade! Get creative!
  • Pack layers – it gets cold at night.
  • Stake it down – there’s a strong breeze in the afternoon.
  • Bandanas & scarves are handy!  Your feet will surely kick up some dust on the dance floors.
  • SHIFT is a music festival with three stages and premium sound provided by Tectonic.
    • The main stage goes all night and into the morning. 
    • The further you camp from the main and live stages, the quieter your camping experience will be (hint: head east).
  • Trash/Recycling: There is no trash collection onsite.
    • You must take away everything you brought in to SHIFT.
    • Leave No Trace! Pack it in, pack it out. Bring extra trash bags. 
    • Pick up MOOP: “matter out of place” when you see it
    • You must take away everything you brought in to SHIFT.
    • Clean up after yourself!  Heck, be a good neighbor and clean up after others too!
  • Phones: There is some cell phone reception, but always print or screenshot tickets and directions before you leave home. Have your ticket barcode or number handy. We will scan that at the gate. While you’re at the event, please consider leaving your phone back at camp and living in the moment. 
  • Photography: Please ask before taking a picture and practice your best judgment when sharing photos publicly. 
  • Drones: Drones are prohibited at SHIFT without express, advance, written permission from the event. Email [email protected] for more info. 
  • Official Photo/Video: Be on the lookout for our official professional photographers, videographers, and drone operators to capture the magic of SHIFT for us all to enjoy for years to come. You will recognize them by their SHIFT name badge. Pose & smile, or kindly signal that you would not like to be photographed. 
  • Supplies: Pack as if you are not going to leave the festival site once you arrive. Get your last-minute supplies at the Grass Valley Country Market or in The Dalles.
  • Closest Gas Station is Biggs Junction (from the North) and Madras (from the South). Fill up before you come on site. 
  • First Aid: Bring all of your prescription medications, including epipen, and a full first aid kit.  Be responsible for your own self-care before visiting our professional medical team. 
  • Food: You are responsible for providing all your own food and drink for the weekend. There are no food vendors at SHIFT.
    • You’ll be outside all day dancing and having fun, so keep yourself well-nourished!
    • Bring extra food to share with friends and neighbors. Gifting is awesome!
    • Remember, all camp stoves must be elevated 3ft off the ground or inside an RV/camper. 
  • Ice: We will be selling ice on-site. Please arrive with more than a day’s worth of ice. Ice will be sold Thursday-Sunday from 10am-6pm for $6 for a block of ice and $8 for a bag. 
  • Generators: We discourage the use of generators at SHIFT Festival. They are noisy, polluting and most importantly, cause a severe fire risk. If you do bring a generator, please ensure it is a quiet “inverter” type of generator. It must be operated at least 6″ off the ground or on plywood that completely isolates it from the grass. Gasoline must be stored in the shade at all times. This will be enforced.



Walk-in camping is included in your ticket price. You must unload your stuff and move your car to parking. But if you’d like to camp inside your RV/trailer or next to your car, you must purchase an RV/Car Camping pass from the Humanitix ticketing site.

If you elect to “walk-in” camp, you’ll be able to drive up to unload your belongings, then swiftly move your car to the nearby parking area before setting up camp.

RVs and car camping will be interspersed with tent camping. Some areas are off-limits to RV/car camping. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of room for everyone!



  • Food!
  • Dishes/cups&mugs/utensils/cooking implements
  • A cooler filled with ice & goodies (but remember, we sell ice!)
  • Reusable cup to stay hydrated and cut down on waste (and to fill with drinks from your new friends)
  • Shade (Bring a pop-up or canopy for your camp, and/or a big beach umbrella for chillin’ near the water — get creative!)
  • Shelter
    • Lag bolts and guy wires to securely stake down all camp structures (it gets real windy sometimes!)
  • Camp chair
  • Water – 2 gallons or more per person per day!
    • Electrolytes
  • Clothes – lots of layers! It’s hot during the day and *brrrr* cold at night!
  • Sun protection gear, sunscreen (natural, please!), aloe
    • Personal shade items encouraged: Umbrella, silk robe, hat
  • Bug repellent — go natural!
  • Headlamp & body/camp lighting for night
  • Toiletries & medications
  • Towels & picnic blankets
  • Pool toys! Beach umbrellas!
    • Bring only really cool/unique floaties, and be prepared to SHARE!
  • Sturdy trash bags (Leave no trace!)
  • Decorations! (but nothing that will blow away)
  • Extra stuff/food/gifts/resources/talents/instruments/toys to share
  • Costumes!
  • …anything else you need to take care of yourself for four days



  • Pets (they wouldn’t like the heat & loud music anyway)
  • Firearms/weapons
  • Fireworks, sparklers
  • Anything that causes an open flame: candles, firewood, incense, etc.
  • Glass (it’s impossible to clean up!)
  • Stuff to sell
  • Unregistered fire art
  • Renegade sound systems (small units for your camp must be registered through the theme camp application). Read our SOUND POLICY.
  • Basic pool floaties (Tectonic will be providing some, and we are changing our Floatie Culture so that any unattended floatie is up for grabs.)
  • Anything overly MOOPY: Feathers, Glitter, Sequins,etc.
  • Anything that could harm yourself, other attendees, the festival, or the surrounding environment & community
  • A bad attitude 🙂



  • No fire spinning outside of designated areas: you’ll have space adjacent to the main stage. Look for the lit-up fire circle.
  • SHIFT will provide a fuel depot and dip station. If you bring fuel please leave it in the fuel depot where it can be safely managed.
  • SHIFT will provide safeties, but please check in and have a safety assigned to you before you spin.
  • SHIFT will provide duvies, water, and fire extinguishers.
  • Please check in with the fuel depot before spinning to have your props checked out for safety.
  • Thank you for staying safe and spinning fire at SHIFT!

Thanks so much for reading! We can’t wait to see you at SHIFT!

Did we miss anything? Email [email protected].