Getting Here

Hello future Volcano worshipper! Follow these directions to find your way to Tectonic SHIFT Festival. Also included here is the list of last-chance supplies and the gate’s open hours.

Cell phone service can be limited on you way to SHIFT, so please download or screenshot directions before you leave home. Fire Safety starts when you leave home: NO CIGARETTE BUTTS OUT THE WINDOW! No idling on the side of the road. Never drive off-road, through tall grass, or on unpaved roads. Obey all speed limits and posted signs. Respect the locals. Please drive carefully and arrive safe. We can’t wait to see you!


→ The SHIFT gate entrance is located here: 45.298694, -120.809778.

When You Arrive at Gate, You Will Need:

  • Your ID
  • QR codes from Humanitix: You will need a QR code for each person’s entry ticket (Phase 1-3), your RV/Car Camping Pass if you have one, children’s tickets, etc
  • Even if you are a volunteer, performers, etc, we will ask for your QR codes to make it easy!

Gate Hours

Wednesday, July 19, 12pm – 10pm: Early entry for staff, volunteers, art & theme camps only
Thursday, July 20, 10am – 10pm: Gates open to all attendees at 10am
Friday, July 21, 10am – 10pm
Saturday, July 22, 10am – 10pm
Sunday, July 23: Gates are Closed
Monday, July 24: GTFO by 2pm
*NOTE: If you arrive after 10pm on any day, Security will hold on to your ID and NOT issue you a wristband. You will need to return to get it the next morning after 10am. 


If you will be arriving from the North, coming from Portland, Seattle, or the Gorge….

Sometimes your map offers to route you through HWY 26 (around Mt. Hood) or 197 (from the Gorge). Both of these routes take you to a dangerous and windy stretch of HWY 216 that we do NOT recommend you take! Please use the safer route below.

  • Head east from Portland down I-84. Take U.S. Route 97 South at Biggs Junction – *this is your last chance for fuel!*
  • After driving through Moro and Grass Valley, take a right turn onto Oregon Route 216, which will then head south. Soon, a sharp right turn in the road points you west (hello, Mt. Hood!)
  • Soon after that, you’ll make a left onto Twin Lakes Rd.
  • Slow down to under 10 MPH!
  • Go past the Justesen ranch entrance to your right, past the former event entrance, and you will soon arrive at the SHIFT entrance. You will be able to see our signs and the Gate crew.
  • Have your ID and scannable tickets ready for check-in at Gate.


If you will be arriving from the South, coming from Bend and Central Oregon

  • *Your last chance for fuel is in Shaniko!*
  • Take U.S Route 97 North until 10 miles from Grass Valley. 
  • Turn left from 97 onto Liberty Ln. Continue for 3.3 miles.
    • Note: This deviation from Google Map’s default directions is requested from the County. Let’s be good guests and follow their request!
  • Turn right onto Finnegan Rd.
  • Continue “straight” onto Ball Ln (the road will curve to the left)
  • Soon after that, you’ll make a right onto Twin Lakes Rd.
  • Slow down as to not kick up so much dust! Continue 2.8 miles.
  • Go past Davis Ln. Do not turn left! Slow down to 10 mph.
  • You will soon arrive at the SHIFT entrance, to your left. You will be able to see our signs and the Gate crew.
  • Have your ID and scannable tickets ready for check-in at Gate.


Last-chance Supplies

Please support these local businesses and show some love to Sherman County! 

Grass Valley:

  • Grass Valley Country Market & Cafe (our favorite) – 104 Mill St, Grass Valley, OR 97029 – well-stocked convenience store with an attached cafe serving burgers, sammies, and pizza. Great selection of adult and n/a beverages and snacks, too. Just 30 minutes from the SHIFT site if you need a re-up (drive safe!)
  • Windcarver Gifts – 101 Church St, Grass Valley, OR 97029 – cool rock & art shop, a favorite of SHIFT attendees.



We can’t wait to see you at SHIFT! Travel safe!