Bring A Theme Camp


Theme Camps are an integral part of any Burner-style event. We encourage people to come with a group of friends and bring an activity or an experience/offering to share with other participants.

We try our best to provide POWER to our theme camps, and get you placement in an awesome location where participants can walk past and readily interact with your camp.

Theme camp ideas can range from food or drink offerings, to some type of game or experience that allows people to connect with others. You may want to create a cozy space for participants to hang out, or a space to explore a new activity. The possibilities are endless! 

Sound camps are encouraged to apply, but please keep in mind that Tectonic is a sound camp itself, and we work hard to curate our lineup of DJ’s (and Nasty’s live stage performers). We ask that your camp’s music does not detract from the main events. Please read our Sound Policy

Here’s some ideas for camps that would be a good fit for SHIFT:

  • Shady loungy cozy chill areas
  • Obstacle/ ropes course; ball pit; things that make people move their body
  • Snax snax and more snax!
  • Adult-geared entertainment; space that promotes exhibitionism
  • Cold beverages
  • Arcade
  • DIY crafts
  • Tea lounge
  • Self-care products and activities
  • Clothing/ gear swap
  • SHADE!!!
  • Carpets/soft floors/couches

  •   To apply for theme camp placement and power for your camp,

    fill out our theme camp application!


Don’t want to bring a whole camp set-up? No problem! At SHIFT 2024 we will have a “Pop-Up Camp” option. We plan to have a canopy set up in the “lava field” with a table, an extension cord, a lamp, and a whiteboard. There will also be a sign up sheet so anyone can “reserve” the space for an hour or two. All you need to do is bring your activity and prepare to share!

Questions? Contact us at [email protected]