Fire Circle Guardians

Fire Circle Guardians…

…are the caretakers of SHIFT’s Fire Circle!  We need an epic team of Fire Circle Guardians who….

  • Want to curate the space needed for anyone to spin fire at SHIFT!
  • Stay near the fire circle to ensure that people who wish to spin know how to
    • use the fuel depot
    • spin off safely
    • make sure their friends are acting as “safeties” for each other
  • Like being close to the main stage, and would like to spin while on shift
  • Can work in pairs in evening shifts (tell us if you and a friend wish to work together on the Get Involved form!)
  • Fire Circle hours:
    • 9 PM1AM Thursday
    • 9PM-1AM Friday
    • 8PM-3AM Saturday

Thanks for burning so brightly!