Medical/First Aid

Medical/First Aid volunteers…

…are one of the best kept secrets and most rewarding ways to have fun at SHIFT! A shift in the first aid tent offers opportunities for compassionate human interaction, the art and skill of bandaging wounds (even giving someone a Band-Aid can be thrilling!), the subtleties of rehydration, and the latest in questionable nursing outfits! You also have the opportunity to be the coveted lifeguard at the pond party!

We are looking for individuals with experience, be it medical, nursing, EMT, lifeguard, Boy Scout, Eagle Scout, Girl Scout, Campfire, wilderness or back country training. We welcome anyone with the desire to help, but will give preference to those with training. The first aid tent will always have trained medical personnel available and on call. Volunteers will never be asked to respond to emergencies solo.

Our first aid tent will be stocked with the latest in designer chilled water bottles, fashionable bandages, and a relaxing couch! Volunteers in the first aid tent will receive adoration from friends, meals from the PLATES kitchen, and credit hours towards a reimbursed ticket.

Shifts in the first aid tent will be in four-hour stints. You will be spending that time in and around the First Aid/Info Booth carport. Three four-hour shifts earn you a reimbursed ticket and two meals a day for the whole festival.

Six-hour lifeguard shifts will count time and a half and if you lifeguard for both pond parties, you earn a free ticket! You will need to have lifeguard/CPR training and stay sober during the daytime pond parties.