A Fox

Adrian Haskell, colloquially known as a fox, started his musical journey in 2009 after attending the Love Festival in downtown San Francisco. During the festival, he saw a man wearing a weird mouse helmet play the most amazing tunes he’d ever heard and was hooked from that moment on. Ever since that fateful day, a fox has been a purveyor of feel good, funky beats up and down the West Coast.

 He started his producer career with a bang, releasing Body Massage on Perfect Driver which received a glowing 9/10 review on MixMag. Since then, he’s released tunes on labels such as Box of Cats, Hood Politics, Laser Native, Late Night Munchies, and Admit One. He’s played festivals including Lightning in a Bottle, Northern Nights, The How Weird Street Faire, Shift, SOAK, and clubs from San Diego to Seattle.

Since the pandemic, a fox has been in hiding, defining his new sound, perfecting his producing skills and waiting for the opportune moment to pounce back on the scene.