Aaron has been spinning, eating, and mastering fire for many years. He has performed and taught all over the country. His specialty is fire fans. He has developed a love for the way the fans can be moved and danced with. He has a passion for teaching and flow. Aaron is also an accomplished circus performer and aerialist who has performed for many years!


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Workshop #1: Fire Fan Movement and Basics

  • Ever wanted to start learning more about fire fans and how to manipulate them? This is the workshop for you! Learn the beginning basics such as fan grips, how to start spinning fans and more. Come and have fun and dive into the world of fire fans! Bring fans if you have them (some will be provided), water, and your smiling face!
  • Workshop #2: Intermediate Fire Fans

  • Learn fan tech and advanced fan techniques. In this workshop you will learn to better understand the way fans can be utilized as more of a tech flow prop. Learn body tracing, throws, flowers and more in this workshop. Bring fans if you have them (some will be provided), water and your smiling face!