Aaron Shallock

Aaron has been spinning fire and specifically fire fans for over 12 years and has taught workshops all over the country. Whether he is teaching aerial silks or fans, he has developed a curriculum that is progressive and fun. He has performed at festivals, corporate events, and festivals all across the country. He loves to teach and enjoys when a student walks away from a workshop with new skills and confidence!

Workshop with the Crystal Ballers:

Beginning Fire Fans

Welcome to the world of fire fans! The fire fan is the sometimes the unsung hero of the flow arts world. It is often thought of as a dancy belly dance prop (Which it does well)  but it can be so much more

In this workshop you will learn the basic principles of the fire fans; Basic to advanced grip styles; How to spin, linear isolate, slide & other techy fan moves. You will learn to move and dance with the fan as well as some starting choreography.

For this workshop bring water and your fire fans. I will have extra fans for those that don’t have them yet.