Aaron has been studying aerial silks for ten years now, and has performed all across the country at corporate events and festivals. Aaron has been teaching aerial silks for four years and has written a specific curriculum on how men and women learn silks differently. He has also  hosted numerous festival workshops across the country.

Beginning Aerial Silks

If you have ever been curious to try aerial silks then this is the workshop for you! In this workshop you will learn the essential warm ups, proper stretching exercises, how to climb the silks and some basic knots to take with you. This class will give you a great understanding of how to manipulate the silks as well as how they move. This will be a great opportunity to try one of the beautiful aerial art forms with proper guidance and safe spotting. You will all learn together as a group as well as one on one instruction which makes for a fun time as well as making new friends with common interests. Come prepared with a yoga mat, water and workout clothes.
Hours: any time
Workshop time: 1 ½ hours to 2 hours