Born into a family of vinyl junkies; Bahb caught the music bug early. It all started with buying punk rock and underground hip-hop on vinyl as a kid, then he started putting sets together and playing out in Madison, Wi. In 1998 he moved to Portland Oregon, and has since built a secret arsenal of serious local Tek Haus love. He knows how to read and rock a crowd with ease. From his residency at the legendary 1201 to rocking the water slide at Oregon Eclipse Festival, Bahb humbly holds it down. Throughout the years he’s shared the stage with Ian Pooley, Todd Edwards, Monkey Safari, Jeno, Doc Martin, Brett Johnson, Diz, Christian Martin, R.A.W. and a whole slew of others; yet he still keeps a low enough profile to literally be called “Portland’s Best Kept Secret”, and he is. One of the most dedicated diggers in Portland, he rarely disappoints and is sure to make your body move like you’re in a laser fight.