In his zone from deep house to techno, Ben Annand pairs impeccably smooth mixing skills with a dynamic style that keeps the music moving, artfully playing with breakdowns and spending most of his time in the mix.

“For me, a great mix is the interplay of 2 unique pieces of music, creating something greater than the sum of the parts – and a great set weaves those mixes into a musical flow you can’t help but lose yourself in on the dance floor.”

Ben has been DJing internationally for 25 years with credits including Festimad (Spain), Wiggle at Fabric (UK), Propaganda (Russia), Labyrinth (Japan), Shambhala (Canada), Club Rimel, Aca World Sound Fest and BPM (Mexico), Desert Hearts and Lightning in a Bottle (USA). He has been resident DJ with California’s original full moon desert party, Moontribe, since 1998. The same year he started his event company, Tropical, which has since produced 100 events in the West Coast USA and Hawaii, and donated $33,000 to nonprofits.
Ben’s latest project is ‘Bridge to Paradise Music-Friendly Venue Booking,’ connecting event organizers with spectacular, brand-new event locations.

Whatever his role, Ben Annand is always contributing, and always thinking outside the box.

Affiliations: Tropical / Moontribe, Eugene, OR