For nearly a decade, Nico Bisio, better known as Bizio has been a driving dance floor force in the pacific north west. Known for his smooth blends of weaving rich melodies, psychedelic soundscapes, and brain tickling noises, he serves these sounds on a plate of house music rhythms straight to your ears. From those very ears Bizio always takes the dance floor on a journey with him both inward and outward, as above, so below.

“Through the communal nature of dance we find peace and healing in each other, and a for a beautiful moment we become one without a care in the world, with the hope we can bring a piece of that euphoria back to our day to day.”

This philosophy has been the guiding ethos in all endeavors Bizio has embarked on when it comes to dance. Bizio most recently has taken up creating music of his own with his most notable releases being in collaboration with his dear friend Luke Mandala on Desert Trax and Merkaba Music. More original music should be expected imminently, until then, see you on the dance floor.

Less Is More