CHAACH!! is the co-founder of the NYC based music label and Baile Funk promotion team XAO PRODUCTIONS, started in 2006 along with Kokos Kypros and DJ Comrade.

Since then he has worked and performed along side with such artists as Diplo, Mc Gringo, Nossa, Uproot Andy, Jah Dan (Major Lazer) Dj Gravy, Max Glazer, Nickodemus and countless artists heading the NYC and PDX Global Bass scene.

Gaining popularity as a producer in 2007 for the production of the song CHAMA O BOMBIERO, starring NYC Baile Funk Diva Zuzuka Poderosa as well as producing tracks for 77Klash and Jah Dan Blackamoore, CHAACH!! embraced the up and coming electro global music scene and helped bring it to its recent height in popularity.

He got his musical start in NYC and embodies influences from the East coast. Dance Hall Reggae, Pan-Latin music, Middle Eastern cuts, and early New York rave music are just the tip of where his inspiration comes from.

CHAACH!! Now resides in Portland Oregon where he has pioneered the global bass scene for over a decade playing old and new Latin and Afro beat flavors as well as his originals, edits and remixes weekly.

His vision is to unite people with love and music and stomp out any hate or ignorance with a global dance vibe.