ChellyBean (BEND- Fun Luv’n)

ChellyBean (Chelsea Lodge) began her love affair with music at birth, and it has been a constant in her life ever since.

A member of an extremely musical family, she was raised with a sound studio in her home at every phase of life. A true passion for all kinds of music has always been the light that has guided her through.

At 17, she fell in love with breakbeats, and everything to do with the scene in her area.. the people.. the parties.. indoor and outdoor.

Surviving through the dubstep era as a raver kid, she later on found her love for house music in her 20’s… and that’s when it hit…

Chelsea (a hairstylist), told one her great friends, an amazing Dj (Mark Brody), that she would trade him a haircut for a DJ lesson… and from that moment it was on.

Within 2 months she was playing live for the first time, and since then (April 2017), she has been booked multiple times in Bend and Portland and has made a name for herself in the community.
Her taste can go to different realms of HOUSE, but she is always attracted to interesting or heavy BASSlines, weird noises, techy goodness, and an occasional broken beat… with a dash of gangsta thrown in here and there… Did I mention BASS?

Her motto is “I want to make the bass kids and the house kids be friends”, and in her hometown she is doing just that.

She hasn’t been behind the booth very long, but she is driven and humble. Production has been a part of her past, and will undoubtedly reappear in the future, so stay tuned. This girl is on the move.