Chelsea Starsee has been presenting her Here N Things Guided meditations to the festival scene for almost three years. Chelsea has studied all manner of metaphysical, far out, hippy nuanced medicine and has a fun and playful outlook on the broader spectrums of her spiritual practice. Never taking anything too seriously, except for fun, Chelsea is sure to offer a genuinely warm and inviting experience while helping to build new firm platforms of inner spiritual strength.


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Workshop #1: Starsee’s Super Silly Spirit Soiree

  • A festival favorite, this guided meditation takes participants on a cerebral journey through the cosmic consciousness. We will journey to a far and distant land where we will discover our festival spirit ally! This guided meditation will help us find our spirit animals directly linked to our experiences at festivals. The meditation will be followed by a discussion where everyone can receive insight into the wisdom each creature offers.
  • Workshop #2: Fucking Center Yourself

  • In this finely tuned and highly shanti guided meditation, Starsee will align your chakras and put you in proper alignment so you can get turnt proper for the weekend ahead. Certainly not appropriate for all ages, this crass and crude guided meditation will help fight away the worrisome, bothersome, and awfully challenging mind traps. Starsee will give you a simple and effective techniques to help keep your cool under intense mental exercises!
  • Granny’s Gangster Tea Hour

  • Granny is back at it again providing her favorite selection of freshly brewed teas and funky fresh beats. Granny loves to get just as lit as the youngsters and is known to always rock a gold chain. This hip lil lady will be serving up some delicious tea while you shake your tail feather to some hip hop, rap classics, and new school selections.