Chelsea Starsee

Chel*c Starsee is a decorated space cadet honored through the galaxy for her 4D Imaginarium exploratorium immersion techniques. She has been facilitating imagination rehabilitation for nearly a century. Join this archaic intergalactic beast as she steers your mind through the cosmic waves of consciousness.

Workshops with the Crystal Ballers:

Starsee’s Super Silly Spirit Soiree

Have you found yourself wandering aimlessly in a crowd of humans searching for a better suited companion? This guided meditation will help you find your perfect spirit beast. We will explore the depths of our minds and hearts, and reveal an ally that will navigate turbulent festival feels with us.

Fucking Center Yourself

Calm yo ass down you crazy hippy…Just kidding! In this meditation Capt. Starsee will send you through consciousness boot camp and help sculpt your squishy Lil minds so you can more easily steer yourself out of the dark wormholes of anxiety that often present themselves when one is on an intergalactic mission.