CHIXY GUAP aka Kelsey Shirriff channels her sound from the bassey trapical ratchetverse. A fan of fresh world sounds, heavy bass, and 🎶 that generally makes you go “DAAMMMMNNN,” she has a highly intuitive way of keeping the room bumpin’. Since starting her DJ career in 2021, CHIXY’s already been fortunate to play well-known venues across the US, Mexico, and beyond.

CHIXY GUAP is originally from the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN, and has been privileged to travel extensively: Her selects reflect the wide range of sounds and voices she’s been exposed to. She’s particularly fond of femme-forward rap, music in Spanish and Portuguese, sounds from the African Diaspora and basically anything underground that makes your chest vibrate. She also worked the Ampitheatre Stage at Shambhala Music Festival for several years and been influenced by dozens of up-and-coming bass connoiseurs and legends alike.