Crystal Evolution

Art Piece Description:

Crystal Evolution is a fire sculpture made from recycled steel and found objects. The sculpture combines dramatic steel tentacles, glowing eyeballs, and shining steel crystals with LEDs and fire to create a unique effect. Two benches sit by the fire, making Crystal Evolution both a sculpture to be experienced visually and a space for community and connection.

This sculpture is a piece that is in constant evolution, representing the fluidity of creativity. The artists have shared it in multiple settings and have made changes each time, reflecting their observations of how people interact with the sculpture and expressing inspiration gathered from their own experiences and connections with other humans in the space they have created.

About the Artist:

Kasey and Kay are a husband and wife creative team that lives, creates, and welds together in Portland, Oregon. They both have backgrounds as professional welders and love using their skills to share their imaginations with the world through their metalwork. When they aren’t welding, they enjoy road-tripping in their vintage Toyota camper and spending time with their cat Wiggly Keith.