Derk Asaurus

Derk Asaurus has been hooping and playing with toys as long as he can remember. (He has a terrible memory, let’s blame the devil’s weed) You may have seen him gogo dancing at such events as Blow Pony Or Bearracuda. You may have seen him at the Country Fair or at Soak!

Derk loves sharing and playing and it really shines through in his classes. Be prepared to be silly and learn some astounding illusional tricks to wow your friends and family!

Workshops with the Crystal Ballers:

Two Hoops, One Hand

Basics such as butterfly up to more advanced moves such as iso flowers will be covered. Iso caps and iso replacements. Step throughs and how to transition from two hands to one and back again.

Two Hands, Two Hoops

Will cover all sorts of flowers and transitions. Caps flowers. Hybrids. Polyrhythms and 3D weaves.