DJ Longstocking

Denni Longstocking Kindred is part of growing WestCoast current back to the BIPOC/Queer/Gender Queer roots of House Music.

Unhappy with seeing how far House Music veered from its roots, Longstocking decided to be part of the effort to change that. While it’s been a challenge rising as a transfemme/Non-binary artist, her releases speak for themselves and she is consistent in only signing with allied labels. So far Longstocking has delivered Late Night Munchies, out of Seattle, their first Beatport #1 and did the same for He.She.They. Records (Warner Music sublabel) out of London. In fact, all four of their self-releases have garnered podium finishes at the very least.


—Grahame Farmer, Data Transmission, October 25, 2021


Feral One Records
Late Night Munchies
Plump Records
He.She.They. Records