DJ, father and music lover, Matt Berry (aka Hustleberry) hails from Portland, Oregon. Growing up in St. Louis, Matt Berry fell in love with house and trance music while immersing himself in the 90s rave scene. Forever seeking out the best dance parties, Matt found himself enjoying live performances by some of the world’s best DJs in many different places over the years. After Matt moved to Portland in 2017, he started following many of the great and talented local house DJs, which the Pacific Northwest has an abundance of.

Matt Berry started trying his hand at live performances while attending Burning Man, as the resident DJ for the Get Toasted theme camp for the past 6 years…and out of the dust, Hustleberry was born. Hustleberry loves to create high energy mixes always with the intentions of filling the dance floor with non-stop movement and freedom that allows the music to flow through every atom in your body, with ease and excitement. Expect to hear the hottest dirty, techy, bassy tracks that keeps the booties shaking when he’s on stage, and don’t be surprised when you suddenly find yourself unable to leave the dance floor.

Affiliations: Get Toasted (PDX)