With the underground in his blood and a love for a massive selection of sounds Matthew Gagnon aka JakK RaBBiD started pleasuring ear holes in 2020. Classically trained in piano JR learned music theory and dedication to instruments, but his love for music was rooted with Chicago Punk. Hitting underground parties at an early age he fell in love with dance music culture and with this came the feeling of finally being at home.

Currently the ring leader of The Groove Mechanics Collective and talent scout/event manager for the Northern Lights Crew you can frequently find him speaker humpin’ or working a door throughout Illinois.

JakK’s sound is all about thick vibes and blends jazzy riffs with dirty jackin beats. He is a multiple genre artist, but tends to play all forms of house when being the marianetist of the dance floor. Twistin’ knobs and makin’ funny noises he is guaranteed to get your body wurkin’!

Affiliations: Groove Mechanics Collective/NLC (CHI)