Jesse Sugar Moore

Hailing from Baltimore, mMD, Jesse Sugar Moore is a musician, record collector, DJ, artist, and event promoter living in Portland. Jesse offers this meditation: “Music and dance are our birthright, our connection to ourselves and to each other across language and culture, space and time. Music and dance connect us to universal love and the cosmic joke, to profound meaning and profound meaninglessness. music and dance are the ties that bind, our collective heartbeat across a thousand generations, a language for-and-of the body, mind, and spirit, just pure unadulterated living in the moment. sun ra said, the music is a universal language. bob dylan said, i’ll let you be in my dreams if i can be in yours. And deee-lite said, groove is in the heart. Triangulated somewhere between these three guiding principles, I find my approach to both the dance floor and the DJ booth. Let’s dream, babies!