Joe Pea is a professional electronic music DJ and producer who is increasingly sharing his passion and talent for music around the world. An incessant fascination with percussion and rhythm led Joe initially to taking up the drums as a child. Upon finishing school he moved on to pursue his passion playing live music with bands around the Western US. A chance introduction to electronic music culture in 1999, was a transformative moment. Soon after, Joe had decided to put down the drumsticks, and started collecting vinyl.

Joe’s passion for electronic music has spanned over 2 decades, and it has taken him across the continental United States as well as Mexico.

Although Joe has fully relocated to the Pacific Northwest, he still maintains his residency at San Diego’s longest running House Music weekly, Dance Klassique. A pillar in the Southern California dance community for over 23 years.

DJing isn’t his only thing. He also does his part to produce music for the masses, and has tracks out on various labels around the globe.

Current Residencies:
Dance Klassique – West Coast