Kendall of Movement Medicine

Kendall of Movement Medicine views movement as a powerful tool for personal empowerment. Her practice includes yoga, hoop, and dance, and she is passionate about sharing these tools as a means for you to connect to the innate wisdom of your body.

Workshops with the Crystal Ballers:

Hooping on the Vertical Plane

In this single hoop workshop, we will explore hooping on the waist and chest on a vertical plane, rather than horizontal. We will study transitions from on to off body, turning, breaks.. and show off that junk in the trunk!

Understanding Space with 2 Hoops

In this beginner double hoop workshop, we will learn to navigate the space on and around our bodies using two hoops. We will explore weaves, isolations, on- body movements, and transitioning from on to off body.

Morning Yoga Flow

Wake up and warm up the body, mind and spirit for a day of fun in the sun. Check in with yourself, ground, center, and practice asana so you can make the most of your pondside soiree.

Saturday Recharge Yoga

Drag your sore buns to yoga saturday morning for a special treat: restorative yin to relieve tired muscles and connective tissue, leaving you brand new for one more day on the dance floor!