Manoj (Fun Luv’n, PDX)

Manoj arose from the dancefloor and will always be a dancer at heart. He is one of the pioneers in the West Coast electronic dance culture emerging circa 1991. He is constantly inspired and changed by this adventure and in turn does his best to positively influence the direction of our NW culture and community. Continually moved and changed by the power of music and the many transformational experiences he encounters while dancing and performing he now dedicates his life to share with others the inspirations that he receives through music. Understanding and deeply rooted in the legacy of the the most formidable founding DJs that the power of dance music is unleashed through the ability to take dancers on a journey he uses the contemporary technologies available with the vast genres of music to weave a limitless musical landscape.Realizing every opportunity to play music for others is a gift he does his best to stay open meet people where they are at and then take them to a more inspiring lighter and playful space within themselves as the music comes through.