Marcus Funkhouser

Since stepping onto the scene in 2018, Marcus Funkhouser has been climbing the ranks of the underground dance music community of Portland Oregon. Known for his bass-centric selections across multiple genres, Marcus has captivated audiences while carving a niche in the soundscape of electronic music.

With a deep passion for house and breaks, Marcus’s sets are a testament to his love for the underground scene. His performances are more than just music; they are an experience, meticulously curated to communicate in the universal language of rhythm and beat. This philosophy has landed him on the stages of some memorable events, including the Portland Winter Lights Festival, where his vibrant, energetic sets lit up the night, leaving the crowd mesmerized and wanting more.

Marcus believes that “curation is a love language,” a philosophy that echoes through his performances. Each set is a carefully crafted journey, designed to connect with the audience on a profound level.

Whether he’s behind the decks or on the dance floor, Marcus Funkhouser is a force to be reckoned with. His relentless pursuit of the perfect beat and his commitment to the underground culture have established him as a visionary artist. As he continues to push the boundaries of house and breakbeats, one thing is clear: the best is yet to come.

Affiliations: Fraktured PDX