Marji Marlowe

Marji Marlowe is the founder of a consent based literature project called Guardians of the Vibe. Guardians focuses on creating safer recreational spaces, building community, and empowering people of all genders to use their voices. Marji is also a hoop dancer who has been practicing, teaching, and performing for 5 years.

Workshops with the Crystal Ballers:

Guarding the Vibe

In this intimate, discussion based workshop, we will explore how we can look out for one another and how to embody yourself as a safe space! We will go over common scenarios that we see or have experienced at festivals, parties, or other recreational spaces. Feel free to bring your own scenarios and questions to the table! These are tools that you can take with you on or off a dance floor, at a bar or on the sidewalk. Join me over tea while we practice using our voice to help others and to protect the vibe!

Boo! Unlocking the Ghost Isolation

In this intermediate hoop workshop we will learn how to mesmerize audiences with trippy two-handed isolations!  I  will have some hoops available, but if you have a lightweight or mini hoop, please bring it.  Also, having a basic understanding of one handed isolations will be handy for this workshop!