Mark Growden

Live Music

“Mark is a Bay Area treasure..” – Bay Abridged

“from foot-stomping banjo tunes to crooning ballads to sing-alongs with the band walking out amongst the delighted audience.” – Bay Abridged

“…a little cabaret, a bit New Orleans brass, a pinch Appalachian folk with a spicy edge,… but hard to pin down, stirred with the gentleness of trees whispering on an easy summer day.” – The Taos News

“rich, haunting and personal song cycles that incorporate avant-garde, rock, cabaret, blues, country, contemporary classical and Tin Pan Alley.” – Tucson Weekly

“Mark Growden has to be one of California’s most colorful and intriguing musicians…. Growden is a genius.” – Albuquerque Alibi

“He writes songs that pulse with drama, songs that slide with grace.” – Tucson Weekly

“Part singer-songwriter, part bluesman, part avant-gardist, he’s an avatar of bohemian weirdness on a par with Tom Waits or Joe Henry.” – Fort Worth Weekly

“Torrid lyricism and fierce accordion rascality. His live shows are becoming the stuff of legend.” – East Bay Express

“Growden’s voice is bigger than a 10-story building, and when he clacks his cowboy boots on a hollow patch of floor along to some of his tunes, the sound seems to reverberate across the globe.” – Laura Casey, Contra Costa Times