Meta Zen (PDX- Mettā, Rose Entertainment)

Meta Zen : a mission of healing through art.
Mauricio Zuniga aka Meta Zen is a multimedia art project comprised of djing, music production, visual art, web development, visual art, photography, poetry, dance, jewelry, event production, and technological programming. He was born in Costa Rica in 1977 and started to DJ in 1996 while at the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania. He now resides in Portland, Oregon

Mauricio owned and built the psychedelic record shop, For 6 years, Chaos Existence was responsible for bringing some of the best psychedelic electronic music to the Pacific Northwest as well as shipping it around the world. He has been an avid dj and dancer contributing to the community. He has also thrown many events bringing world class talent to the PNW. Most notably, Mauricio was responsible for bringing Tipper to the Phoenix Festival in the mid 2000’s and brought acts such as Drumspyder, Kalya Scintilla, Desert Dwellers, Bird of Prey for the first time to Portland, Oregon.

Mauricio’s projects draw from a well of diverse sounds. Mauricio likes to weave together unique soundscapes – using the art of storytelling while sometimes dropping in some of his own productions. He has played with and opened for world class talent such as Tipper, the Disco Biscuits, Hallucinogen, Younger Brother, Eat Static, Infected Mushroom, Jim Hopkins of Electroliners, Shulman, Bluetech, Hive, Soulacybin, Spoken Bird, Stylust Beats, Buku, Ill Gates and many others. Meta Zen has played for several festivals, in many states, and across continents and is most excited to still be innovating and pushing his dj sound with his live mashups, remixes, and harmonic mixing. If there is something about Meta Zen is that his sound is unique and will captivate you to lose yourself dancing.
Mauricio has released with Phantom Hz, Substruk Records, and Bandcamp.