Mingo the Flamingo

Mingo the Flamingo is a mosaic glass and mirrored flamingo interactive lamp, now with OMGRGBLEDS™! Touch it’s beak to make the LED’s change color.

About the Artists

Miki Masuhara-Page is a young female native Hawaiian artist that loves to create creatures from the fantasy world. She loves interactive playful art that appeals to all different ages and brings smiles to peoples faces. Miki likes to use mixed mediums and make things that seem to bring dreams into a tangible reality.

Ian “TMI” Faragher: seemingly having a tiny bit of knowledge in just about any random subject, “TMI” loves to cerate all kinds of art in just about all mediums, but LEDs will always keep his heart lit. From tiny wireless wearables to giant LED video walls, TMI loves being involved in collaborations that utilize the art of light.