MirCat is a visual and movement artist from SE Alaska. Her mission on this Earth is to cultivate Healing and Self Empowerment through Dance and Art! She has called Portland her home for the last decade and has been passionate about pole dancing for 6 years.

Her lifetime of Dance training influences her artistic pole dancing style, with strong influences of musicality, creating dynamic shapes, textures and lyrical expression. She also specializes in and teaches Aerial Hoop, Bellydance, and Urban Fusion dance. She loves to creatively fuse together her many interests to shape her own styles of movement and art.

Her dance style is an emotionally stimulating rollercoaster of Exhilaration, Rebirthing, Inspiration and Empowerment. By fusing together many styles of movement, she creates an intricately woven tapestry of storytelling to engage and connect with viewers. Her background in dance includes Fusion Belly dance, Urban dance styles, and Modern/ contemporary dance. She also specializes in and teaches Pole dancing, Aerial Hoop and Fire Dancing. She is known for liquidy movements, sharp isolations, extreme flexibility and strong stage presence.

Catch MirCat performing in between the live bands on the Nasty’s Live Music & Variety Stage!