Moltensteelman Wishing Portal

Moltensteelman Wishing Portal makes wishes come true with majestic and powerful flame bursts and beautiful color-changing LED display. Come up and make a wish on the magic lamp, choose which button to push, and maybe your wish will come true…or go up in flames! But don’t worry, this popular attraction is safe and supervised fun with fire art. We come out at dusk and operate periodically through the night.

About the Artist

Martin and Anne, aka Martin and Moopie, are Willamette Valley industrial artists who make things and make things happen. Their creations include Martin’s giant mechanical marvel The Walking Beast, a flame-toting shark art car called the Flamboni, the Moltensteelman Wishing Portal, the SARP-10 space ship sleeping pod, the ACME Double Queen ferry for SHIFT 2019, and the adorable and assertively gender-neutral firelighter, Snek.