Natasha Riot

Internationally touring rock n roll showgirl and emcee, Natasha Riot, is a multi disciplined, award winning, and resplendently captivating performer. She is the producer of Burlynomicon, a darkly decadent burlesque and variety show running every 2nd Tuesday at the Coffin Club in Portland, OR, and during the year + that shall not be mentioned, kept the delightfully dreary show alive in the realm of the interwebs.

Recently dubbed “the Glam Rock Morticia”, her past life(s) included touring as a featured performer and crew member with the band, Beats Antique, being stage manager and performer with the Hubba Hubba Revue (SF), touring around the world performing and teaching burlesque and fusion dance, and living off the land in a remote village while running a dance school in a neighboring town. She could teach you about the engine of your old Toyota pickup while listening to Dokken and subsequently suggesting how you might move your body…and perhaps your mind…more effortlessly through life.

She’s also the 2017 Queen of the Roses and the 2016 winner of the Keepin it Weird award as dubbed by the Oregon Burlesque Festival, as well as being the runner up in both the 2018 Shimmy Showdown (St. Louis) and the 2017 Miss Exotic Oregon competitions.

Check out Burlynomicon! You won’t be disappointed.