Polyphonix hails from the SF/Bay Area and has spent the last 12 years dedicated to music and performance. Her ever expanding variety guarantees to satisfy audiences of all kinds – bringing energy levels to mellow lows and enthusiastic highs. Her time on stage is always an unforgettable sonic experience and will leave you wanting more. She has shared the stage with a wide array of forward thinking artists, including TLZMN, Mt Eden, Mr. Bill, Encanti, Moniker, Naughty Princess, Thriftworks, VOLO, Drumspyder, WALA, Trevor Moontribe, and more; bringing an unforgettable stage presence wherever she goes.

From sunrise sets to heavy headlining sets, Polyphonix covers genres all across the board and fine tunes every moment to be the most musically comprehensive possible. Her eclectic collection varies from ambient, downtempo, melodic techno, tech house, groove/disco house, G house, bass house, electro swing, glitch hop, half step, neurofunk, liquid dnb, world bass, hybrid/tribal trap, deep dub, dubstep, half time bass, psy bass, psybient and more. If there is a slot you need filled or a crowd you need floored, Polyphonix is the name to put on your next lineup!