With 15 years of DJ experience and 5 years of crafting original music, Pressha is a dynamic artist who lives and breathes the essence of bass music, trap, dubstep, hip hop, house, and breaks.

Pressha’s musical journey began by exploring the realms of hip hop, breaks, and house, honing his skills and developing an unmistakable style. However, it was a life-changing trip to Burning Man in 2008 that ignited the passion for bass music and dubstep, propelling him into uncharted territory.

Dedicated to pushing the boundaries of sound, Pressha has invested countless hours into producing original music across multiple genres. His commitment to artistic growth and exploration shines through in every meticulously crafted track. From bone-rattling basslines to intricate melodies, Pressha’s productions captivate listeners and take them on a mesmerizing sonic adventure. After his first release on Danktronics he set out to have a continuous stream of music to share with the world. Since then he has had releases on such heavyweight labels as Saturate, Aspire Higher, ShadowTrix Music and more.

Affiliations: People Music / Saturate / Danktronics / Seattle, Wa