Pyrophytes are plants which have adapted to tolerate fire. This art installation is meant to represent the renewal of mother earth after the apocalypse.
Our pyrophyte is represented by a woman’s figure emerging from a burnt tree trunk that is back lit to appear smoldering from fire. From her hands sprouts copper sculpted leaves as she strives to renew the earth. Her skin has been textured to represent bark and is covered with fossilized sea shells. Her hair and skin have been sculpted to represent the ancient ones with leather and feathers. Changing lights pick up hues in her skin so the project is ever changing as the lights change. The trunk smolders with smoke from the destruction. The base of the trunk is covered with the remnants of trash. The project is meant to represent our destruction of world and stimulate reflection regarding what we can do to change the course of history-before we need pyrophytes to regenerate the earth.