Ramiro (SEA- Uniting Souls)

“Ramiro is an inextinguishable accelerant of Seattle’s house scene” (Seattle Weekly), producing & performing at over 700 events in the Pacific Northwest & beyond over the past two decades.

Through his DJ sets, Ramiro aims to raise the vibrational frequencies on the dance floor to inspire connection through the sacred ritual of dance, reminding us to cherish the beauty & raw emotion of life’s every moment. Ramiro gets lots of love from the community, having performed almost every weekend over the past 20 years – at club nights, festivals, art events, underground warehouse parties, and boat parties. A seasoned veteran behind the decks, Ramiro’s affinity for expression through dance music & his finely-tuned ability to connect with the dance floor is widely evident during his sets & enjoyed by thousands of dancers year after year.

One thing which has remained constant over time is Ramiro’s mission & vision – to create art-focused, heart-centered events where all feel welcome. Home is where the heart is. Welcome to Ramiro’s house!