“G-House | Future House | Bass House | Tech House

This year selectinhale signed his first house production to Late Night Munchies record label out of Seattle, WA. Although a fairly new arrival within the selector and DJ performance scene, selectinhale has risen through the ranks at a rapid pace. He has been grateful and humbled for being booked among many of the top night club venues throughout PDX. He has drawn on his intimate knowledge of electronic music production among an armada of drum machines and synthesizers for over 14 years. His preference of music selected has been formed from his early roots of Drum and Bass going as far back into 1997.

His overall focus is the dance floor and maintaining a groove that makes you want to dance until you simply cannot move from celebrating the music with friends and family that are gathered to share the experience.

Today he chooses to mix a rowdy yet at time sensual and low to the ground house style that consists of a self proclaimed ‘Shallow House’ that engages a groove and high energy that feeds his passionate performance and audiences to share the love and energy placed within. House that might just bite you back is the nature of the sound with a solid groove infused via G-House, Future House, Bass House and beyond.”