crew // haus catz

Spending their transformative teen years abroad in Czech Republic, Shallin was exposed to the club scene early. After supporting the dance floor for many years, Shallin wanted to get more involved in organizing events for folks to be able to feel safe to express themselves through movement. Soon after moving back to the states they learned how to mix their favorite liquid funk vinyl and formed a production company named 23:15 Productions. Together, 23:15 threw several monthly events from 2004-2006, helping craft some of the best house, breaks, and drum n bass parties in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area.

These days, you’ll find Shallin out and about in Portland, OR and beyond. Their musical journey has been heavily influenced by their jungle/UK garage, disco, and classic house roots. Find them mixing all things groovy- from house and liquid, to bass and ecstatic.