Slow Camera Photobooth

Simran’s Slow Camera Photobooth is like a quotidian mall-rat photobooth wherein old-timey attention-seekers used to pose squirm and otherwise make goo-goo eyes at their friends and the camera while being recorded for a very ephemeral posterity. As an aside one could argue an inverse proportion between the the rise of the selfie and the demise of the good ole fashioned photobooth. The Slow Camera Photobooth on the other hand requires all that participant grandstanding to occur in front of a person who is painting them. (And possibly bystanders with megaphones who wouldn’t dream of heckling them). And as usual with a photobooth they get to take their actual physical cultural artifact (the painting duh!) home with them.

Simran is an artist and a nerd. He can often be seen lugging around a very slow camera. The leap from “slow camera” to “slow camera photobooth” was obvious. Somebody had to make that happen. Simran turned out to be that someone.