Solus (ASHLAND- Merkaba Music)

Solus is a DJ, sound alchemist, dancer, and visionary healer who is walking a path of service to the collective. He has been a pivotal figure in the evolution of the conscious electronic dance music scene for over a decade. His profound and ever-deepening devotion to the art of transformation infuses the dance floor or yoga journey with transcendental power, grace, and understanding of fusing world music.

Solus has since been working as a professional DJ since 1997, He has performed with, and opened for a wide range of acts from Medicine Drum, Ganga Giri, Gaudi, EOTO, David Starfire, Dehli 2 Dublin, MC Yogi, Kirtan Dub Allstars, Ra Ra Avis, and Desert Dwellers.

Currently, Solus is a label DJ for Merkaba music which is the portal for producers such as Kayla Scintilla, Kaminanda, and many more from around the world. He is also a contributing DJ/artist for Yogitunes, The revolutionary music hub bringing professionally crafted mixes, and hand picked music for the world of yoga and embodied movement modalities. Solus has several mixes available that include his production on  
Solus is a bridge into the rapidly evolving ancient future paradigm, and serves as a walking archive of the evolution of conscious electronic dance music and culture.