Svetlana Trantastic (PDX)

Svetlana Trantastic is the chief drag queen of the Portable Pornographic Puppet Emporium. She mixes drag, puppets, and song to bring you stories about sex, puberty, and body positivity. Not appropriate for children. This year she proudly presents “Mother Hubbard’s Fucked up Story Time” as well as “Muffy Brown: a Girl’s Coming of Age Story” along with additional songs and stories. In Portland you can catch her in various acts at the Funhouse Lounge, Crush, and the Local Lounge. When she is not busy doing puppet shows or presenting herself as a pig in panties named Penelope Porksplosion, she is a humble hairdresser at Enhance Salon on East Burnside who goes by Joseph Reed. Thank You for your support of perversion and puppetry.