Jet City Rocker’s The Adarna come to SHIFT Festival as part of their 7th National Tour the Dollars & Dignity Tour. 5 years after their conception this relentless touring act will be seen this summer at Rocklahoma one of the largest Rock Festival in N. America? alongside bands like Def Leppard Pretty Reckless Soundgarden The Cult and many more?  In 2016 they were honored to perform internationally for the US troops in 5 countries in SW Asia as part of their Project Gratitude Tour. Their most recent single “Superman” off of their How Perceptive album? gained much success in anime and comic fandom. This resulted in the placement of the song in a new superhero video game by Risen Phoenix Studios as well as earning nominations for Best Music Video at the Fanboy Film Festival.  Tastes Like Rock Magazine states The Adarna are rising stars of modern rock who will find their way to the top of the heap of bands out there so make sure you keep an eye out for them. Whether you are hard core rockers or alt or punk or even dance pop you will love The Adarna.