The Cougar Experience Center

“Calling all Cubs and Sexy People… the Infamous Cougars and Manthers are back with a Theme Camp! Bigger! Boozier! Fiestier! RAWR!!

We didn’t choose the Cougar Life… The Cougar Life chose us!

Have you ever dreamed of:
Being positively objectified under the lustful eye of older bolder women?
Cleaning and beautifying our yard and beach for prizes, while receiving sassy-sweet heartfelt compliments and praise? Have you ever been shown the proper way to handle and manipulate a bullhorn?
Let us teach you our ways! Our Cougars and Manthers are available to bestow wisdom upon our younger festival goers.

We have the best “party within the party” Beach Party and do “Pop Up Cougaring” whenever and wherever we want to.

EVERYBODY IS BEAUTIFUL!!! We are a body positive, gender positive, people positive movement!